Intel Core i9 Review- The Latest Hypercharged PC Processor by Intel

Intel Core i9 Review- The Latest Hypercharged PC Processor by Intel

For every PC enthusiastic, Core i9 is the kind of processor that makes them question the performance, speed, and power consumption.

Below we have some latest news about the very new Intel Core i9 processor, how the two models 18-core i0-7980X and 16-core i9-7960XE are efficient against the AMD’s Threadripper. 

From a technological perspective, i9 is running to becoming the blockbuster processor for every type of gamer and PC geek.

Part of our review about Intel Core i9 includes the price, availability of motherboards and some additional information that will keep you update for the latest processor trend. 

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What is the Core i9?

It was on 30th May 2019 when Intel announced its high-end processor model by the name Core i9 for PC enthusiasts.

When we say high-end model we definitely meant the entire family of i9 has the Skylake-X architecture, with this the processors are having four types of cores which are:

  • 10 core
  • 12 core
  • 14 core
  • 16 core

Part of the reason was that Intel wanted to make something extra and according to them the 6 and 8-core Skylake-X chips weren’t good enough.

This is when they came up with the name i7 which shares the same architectural features with i9 chips.

There is another family of chips by the name Kaby Lake-X which are actually the 7th generation CPUs that are available in most Desktops and Laptops since 2017.

Both i9 and i9 processors are so-called related to the Skylake-X family, it is given colloquially by the series name and the code name which is Basin Falls. 

When the Core i9 is available?

The i7 X-series and 10-core i9 began to sell in June 2017, while the 12-core i9 processor by the model number 7920X was launched in August 2017.

After that, he 14,16 and 18 core i9 chips were sold after a few weeks. The later 3 chips were deemed out of stock at many sites.

As far as the speed concerned, 7920X was the fastest and highly recommendable i9 processor.

Who should buy Core i9?

Core i9 is the type of processor which is not designed for everybody, and the price tag says the same thing.

No one needs such type of powerful processor unless they are doing resource-intensive multitasking works such as Programming, content creation or video games. 

How much Core i9 Cost?

When talking about the most expensive i9 chip, we have the Extreme Edition (Core i9-7980XE) which is available at $1,999.

The least expensive i9 chips will cost you $242 which is Core i5-7640X. The original and medium-range Core i9 chips were priced at $999 to$1699. 

Where Core i9 fits in the models of Intel Core Family?

Core i0 processor belongs to the 5th PC processor family by intel. It started from the Core m and then they moved forward creating the traditional Core i3,i5, and i7 than i9.

When we see it numerically, Core i9 represents the most speedy and decent chip family of the Intel, offering the best performance at the high-end pricing. 

Latest News about Intel Core i9

In this latest piece of article, you will witness the testing’s between the performance of 18-core Core i9-7980X and 16-core Core i9-7960X.

In most of the cases, the i9-7980X was on the top of the list which seemed to amaze the AMD fan base.

Although these geeks attain their AMD latest processors at much cheaper price i.e $1,000 or less when it comes to multi-tasking, single-threaded performance the i9-7980X was right at the top. 

This also implies whether which part of the work you are going to do with these i9 processors. Turns out it is not suitable for every PC user but only a few of them who deal with solid multitasking works like recording, playing and streaming a game or even content creation where AMD threadripper is ruling the ground. 

And, if you haven’t guessed it already that rounds out the Core i9 product family; all are now currently shipping.

That includes the Core i9-7920X, which was slightly delayed. Now, however, you can buy the Core i9-7920X at Amazon for $1304.96—about $200 or so over the shipping price.

Intel Core i9 Specs

(Core Count, Clock Speed, Price, Power and Ship Date)

Whatever specs you are looking for are just to see if the processor performs well.

For example, the raw clock speed suggests how fast and efficient that one thread would be executed, the core and thread counts determine the multi-tasking of many tasks working parallel.

In these measurements, the Core i9 series wins heavily for which you have to pay the heavy price as well. 

Furthermore, Intel announced the clock speed for all of its i9 Core family processors. Likewise, they are unlocked and can be overclocked at any moment.

Here is the code counts summary of the Core i9 chips with the price that is mentioned below. 

We also include the clock speed for which models were available. 

Core i9 Extreme Edition:

Core i9:

Core i9-7980XE: (2.6GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 18 cores/36 threads

 Core i9-7960X: (2.8GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 16 cores/32 threads

 Core i9-7940X: (3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 14 cores/28 threads

 Core i9-7920X: (3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 12 cores/24 threads 

 Core i9-7900X: (3.3GHz, 4.5GHz burst) 10 cores/20 threads

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Core i7: 

 Core i7 7820X (3.6GHz, 4.5GHz burst), 8 cores/16 threads

 Core i7-7800X (3.5GHz, 4.0GHz burst), 6 cores/12 threads

 Core i7-7740X (4.3GHz, 4.5GHz burst), 4 cores/8 threads

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Core i5:

 Core i5-7640X (4.0GHz, 4.2GHz burst), 4 cores, 4 threads,

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 Price: $242

Intel Core i9 are popular chips and they are quite pricey too, but it all comes with ultra-performing hardware.

The Core i9-7940X, i9-7960X, and i9-7980XE were listed as back-ordered due to they ran out of the stock in many retail stores like Newegg according to which the retailer has to wait months to get the Core i9-7940X processors.

Since these chips will be running between 112-140 Watts so there must be a liquid-cooling system available.

Intel further instructed the users that there will be another chip operating at 165W as well but it took a year (until Aug 2018) to appear in the market. The 165-watt chips by Intel were:

  • i9-7980XE
  • i9-7960X
  • i9-7940X

When comparing the power consumption of Intel Core i9 and AMD Threadripper, the i9 consumes more power than the Threadripper.

Every i9 chips use the new Socket R4, a 2,066-pin LGA socket to which a brand new motherboard is required.

The i9 Intel family is not compatible with the pre-existing Skylake or Kaby Lake motherboards. 

Core i9 New Features- Why Should You Buy Core i9?

Raw performance is something Core i9 is very good at, besides this Intel added a unique Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 in its Broadwell-E chips.

This is recognized as the best core available in any chip these days. This gets better when the chip needs to be boosted, the best core will be selected to be overclocked dynamically. 

This new feature from the Intel experts of the Core i9 chips is what they are calling the UPDATED INTEL TURBO BOOST MAX TECHNOLOGY 3.0 in which the chip is not identified as one, but with 2 cores as the best cores. 

About Core i9 Overclocking Options

Intel’s Core i9 is custom-made for overclocking whereas the entire family comes as unlocked.

Intel does not suggest the users they would cool the Core i9 only with the air, this is why the straight fan-based solution is obsolete.

This is also where Intel recommends its own TS13X liquid-cooling solutions which users have to buy separately.

You can buy your own custom made third party cooling solutions unless it is compatible and rated TS13X. 

The TS13X exercises a solution of propylene glycol to propel the heat to a 73.84-CFM fan that creates between 21 and 35 dBA, rotating between 800rpm and 2,200rpm. The price for the TS13X system will cost you around $80-$100. 

Intel Corei9 Motherboards

Most of the i9 motherboards these days are based on Intel’s X299 chipset which is the only chipset for the Intel Coe i9 right now.

It is also to remember that every Core i9 motherboard is based on Socket R4, a 2,066-pin LGA socket which is not computable with some older models of Core i5 and Core i7 microprocessors.

The i5 and i7 models which are compatible with a 2,066-pin socket are:

  • Core i5-7640X
  • Core i7-7740X
  • Core i7-7800X
  • Core i7-7820X

Summing Intel Core i9 Final Verdict

Intel Core i9 is the BEAST when it comes to creating an animation model or plays high-intensity games.

For any PC enthusiastic, buying Core i9 might not come as handy due to the high price but is surely the safe and best bet.

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