Best 4 Most Demanding Gaming Headsets in 2020 Update

Best 4 Most Demanding Gaming Headsets in 2020 Update

We are gamers and what we do is not let phony headsets ruin our day! Buying the best gaming headsets isn’t so easy if you ask the most renowned gamers.

The selection of great gaming headset is the combination of simple hardware with extra intense audio quality which we found very rare these days. 

The gaming headset market is full of cash-grabbing brands that have been repeating their sense of technology for decades. That is why we have chosen the headphone that may suit just perfectly to your requirements.

Although the range of gaming headsets ranges from $10 to $1,000 which is totally up to your pocket. Budget is not the only thing you gotta be worried about as you will find plenty under the right price. 

What we are detailing about are the best and top-rated gaming headsets of 2020, there were many on the list but as we have some criteria on which these 4 got fixed. 

Let’s discuss the buying guide first and then see about our best gaming headsets. 

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Best Gaming Headsets Buying Guide for Users

Here are some quick tips before purchasing the ear-blaring headset for the ultimate gaming experience. 

  • Are They Wired of Wireless?

For PC gamers, the wired headsets are best for sticking up at desk purposes but they get useless when we talk about user convenience.

Wireless headsets on the other hand offer user ease and the same type of dazzling sound, and let you get up from the chair without worrying about the wired.

Wired headsets are generally cheaper than the wireless ones and they offer much savings and simplicity in design. 

  • Audio Quality and Mic

It is nearly impossible to assess the sound quality while you are sitting in the store and buying gaming headsets.

That’s why many reviews for best gaming headsets are given to provide in-depth insight into the sound quality to the users. Some headphones eliminate the complex sound and environmental noise which is not good for gaming purposes.

For the best audio experience, also choose headsets available with flexible equalizer to fix the sound design that you can change easily. 

  • Earcups and Headbands

No one denies the importance of user comfort level while wearing a gaming headset.

It’s the next thing to measure after the audio quality, as many gaming headsets come with the cheap quality cushy earcups that tend to cause the pain after wearing for a long time.

Plus, their acoustic performance is often pathetic, so it’s all about the quality of the material whatever it is, headbands or earcups. 

  • Aesthetic Aspect

When you wear a gaming headset, you don’t just want to have articulate sound effects but you wanna show to people that you own a bad mF! See, some headsets are like props of a sci-fi movie with multi-color beeping lights on them that sometimes matches the keyboard lighting effects (if you are buying them from the same company).

This can also be very helpful at times to show your status in between the game so you can see how much charge is remaining with the help of certain light effects. 

  • Best Gaming Headset Bluetooth Specs

Of course, you want to go for the wireless options, I mean who uses the wired headsets as long as they are 30.

Make sure the Bluetooth headset you are buying for gaming must support Qualcomm aptX tech, it’s a very useful and compatible compression tech that we have been hearing in the TC and movie voice-works.

Those wireless gaming headsets which have their aptX option turned off sounds much weaker than when it’s enabled.

The sound quality is utterly surprising and pleasantly bombastic upon enabling this option. 

Best Gaming Headsets of 2020 for Gamers 

Ok, the moment you all have been waiting for, the ones with the balls heavy enough to be our top chosen gaming headsets are given below.

We have also mentioned the pros and cons in case you want to assess them completely for the flawless next gaming experience. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha

  • Specs
  • Driver- 50mm neodymium 
  • Impedance- 65 Ohms
  • Frequency response- 13–27,000Hz
  • Mic- Unidirectional electrel
  • Connectivity- 3.5mm
  • Weight- 0.7 pounds

Buy Now Best HyperX Cloud Alpha

Under the very tight budget, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the best headset with superior sound quality.

It has been gamer’s sensation for around a couple of years due to its excellent noise reproductive sound which comes all-natural.

There are drivers installed in this headset which reduce all kinds of exaggerated bass effects and highs.

Under $100, they are the best bet for any gamer looking for a crispy and warm sound. 

The quality of the material is very near to the excellent, the light comfy fit makes it the user favorite.

The headband and earcups are surrounds by thick memory foam padding, plus they have chosen the aluminum over plastic which splashes the good design material to the eyes.