Best 5 Gaming Chairs in 2020

Best 5 Gaming Chairs in 2020

If you ask a real gamer, gaming chairs hold the important part while putting together the gaming equipment.

Although it is insignificant in front of choosing the best gaming PC but hey! You got to sit yourself down on that thing for hours so it must be chosen under the right terms.

These days, when you see the Yotubers flaunting their gaming chairs and steal the show that’s the moment when you realize to get the best gaming chair for your place. 

A best gaming chair can impact your gaming experience greatly because you are going to spend a large amount of time on the chair so it must be according to your body posture and can be managed to multiple limits.

The best gaming chair always provides rigid and flexible lumbar support which gives the spine a nice comfort that is essential for overall posture.

Some gamers retired from the gaming world after suffered from bad back which is the case with poor quality materials that give your back a hard time.

We, on the other hand, have tailored gaming chairs just for your personal needs. 

We are giving out the review for top 6 gaming chairs which to be accurate ranges from low budget to high budget end ones.

Presumably, there are a variety of qualities, colors, and types you can choose from. Some gaming chairs in 2020 into our list are pricey and can be purchased at a discounted price.

Follow the link given after the review of each gaming chair in 2020, the best ones! 

6 Best Gaming Chair for Ultimate Gaming Experience in 2020

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

  • Things to Know
  • Dimensions: 55 x 52 x 141cm
  • Seat height: 131-141cm
  • Price: $967.37

One of the nicest but pricey pieces of kit, Noblechairs Hero has been reviewed recently in many gaming websites where users are not shy giving their reviews, and they can’t stop praising them.

One of the great things about the chair is its versatility; the built is designed for office hours as well as gaming hours which is amazing. The back and seat are tight giving quick support to your back posture with other features inside.

For slumping in positions and other non-understandable gamer posture, the chair might not be the best choice but it sure as competing. 

The high price is basically for the durability that holds this chair at your place for years with some extra features intact, the chair provides all kind of gimmicks which some gamers don’t even consider before buying, but if you are conscious about your body posture and personal health, choosing this kit will help you not suffer from back injuries. 

GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair

  • Things to Know
  • Dimensions: 68cm x 70cm x 1.3m 
  • Seat height: 124-132cm
  • Price: $269.95

GT Omega offers the most durable, compact and quick to assemble gaming chair in which users are reviewed to assemble in less than 25 minutes.

It fits on the definition of the best office chair which is why the name is given to this.

When you start using this chair the first thing you will notice is a very cautiously designed constructive structure that provides solid support.

The only sad part is that you cant slouch in which is the bad side for some gamers.

The lumbar cushions on the chair can be removed so you will feel more relaxed from the back. 

The recline movements are usually flat where the user can adjust the seat pressure and tilts, the armrest can also be adjusted with separation and height, etc.

The seat is slender and straight, with this much price if you are looking for an office chair only, it should be your choice.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

  • Things to Know
  • Dimensions: 52 x 53 x 140-149cm
  • Seat height: 140-149cm
  • Price: $409.99

For those who are finding the gaming chair which displays the décor enchantment.

The SL4000 is the best gaming chair they can get; with an ultra-comfortable racing style seat, the gaming chair has multiple colors to offer that suits your style in every way.

Both white and black colors are equally attractive and everything from top to the bottom is adjustable. You can turn till 170 degrees for the backrest, customize the seat height and change settings for the 4 different armrests.

Everything is ADJUSTABLE! 

The lumbar cushion on this chair is the best in terms of lumbar support which according to the users takes Lil bit time to get used to.

It was designed according to the norms of racing which is the main reason for that, but you won’t want to go for the standard office chairs again.

The chair is PVC coated which is shiny and very much easy to clean.

Nitro Concepts S300

  • Things to Know
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 117-124cm
  • Seat height: 47-54cm
  • Price: $279.90

Just when you thought of a gaming chair that looks like an office chair, the S300 comes with a much affordable price range.

This chair offers a whole night session without your back saying awhhoo.
In terms of both looks and feel, S300 is up for some highly ranked comments because of the stylish design and good cushion positioning.

The adjusting part is weak when you compare it with other gaming chairs on the list, but it provides an overall comfortable gaming experience. 

Setting up Nitro Concepts S300 is not so easy that requires two people for assembling.

The chair doesn’t come with lumbar cushions like those fancy gaming chairs, but it has ultra-comfortable back foam that will keep your spine resting and steady.

The perforated seat covering gives another advantage of not making the butt portion warmer and sweater.

While you are playing the long Apex Legends sessions overnight, you would find it quite supportive and comfy. 


  • Dimensions: 69 x 60 x 112cm
  • Seat height: 103-112cm
  • Price: $579

One of the most professional looking chairs in our list, the gamers who need everything they do gaming with decorated and assembled, this chair is the master of everything.

The color and design strike the most professional looking as well as a badass gamer looking style that never gets old.

The comfort level is considered second to none with solid construction that goes with saying wow. 

NeueChair uses the Taut Mesh fabric which cannot be stained which has been tested.

By the cost, that’s not an expensive chair when you consider the value you are getting. 

Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide

It has been noticed at many platforms that gaming chairs and office chairs are important when it comes to comfort. Comfort is the next thing to creativity in many companies and this is how they get big and bigger every time.

Whatever desk job you have, the posture of yours and other colleagues is determined by the chair that you use. 

For gamers, the effect of prolonged sitting on a gaming chair has been subjected to the user experience. This leads to the statement from experts in a specific part of the study. 

According to Melissa Afterman, Senior Principal Ergonomist with VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics and also specialized in workstation setups “Chairs are still okay, “Yes, we know that sitting too long is bad for you.

The reality is that standing too long is just as bad for you, and so the answer is movement.

Taking breaks, getting up at least every hour and moving, or changing your position from standing to sitting every hour so that you’re not standing too long either.”

Choosing Gaming Chair Fabric and Design

Choosing the fabric or color is basically on your aesthetic decisions; some gamers prefer the softy leather while others choose the perforated breathable mesh which allows a natural cooling system.

The important thing to notice in this condition is either your body temperature rises while you game or is it just normal.

Gamers who get physically warmer quite sooner, mesh fabric is good for them where they can easily breathe under their chair and carry on long sessions.

The height of arms is another important factor that decides whether your hands can perform for a long time or not.

Final Verdict

When you put all this information together, the best gaming chair’s ideal budget is from $250-$900.

Under the price, you can get soft, comfortable, stylish and durable gaming chairs which will provide your back the comfort you seek.

Also, customizing the gaming chair is a different task than assembling it so always buy the gaming chair you think can be adjustable according to your needs.