Best 4 Antivirus for PC Gaming in 2020 Updated

Best 4 Antivirus for PC Gaming in 2020 Updated

You can search and get hundreds of sources for a particular noun and this is true, finding the best antivirus for PC gaming is one of the queries which gamers take quite seriously.

You ever been bugged by an online hacker who is taking control over your game and not letting you win?

The best antivirus for gaming pc should be able to stop these malicious things and protects your high-end gaming PC from other local and international threats.

Why Gamers Buy Antivirus?

The reason for searching the best antivirus is simple, everyone wants so their system stays clean and protected against damaging malware. You visit hundreds of websites everyday ad it is possible to get infected with these pages that is a normal case with everyone.

Antivirus is also important for online transactions since most of us buy things online and it should be able to protect your personal information.

In our list of top 5 antiviruses for PC gaming, we have the versions which are easy to buy for the gamers at quite a reasonable price.

Some antivirus can be pricey depending high helpful they are in terms of keeping the PC out of danger and fast in performance.

Some anti Below antivirus is intended for PC gamers who need protection and a good resource to keep them in touch with the online world, safely.

Best Antivirus for PC Gaming

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

Chosen by most PC games, Bitdefender is easy to buy Antivirus that cost users around $24.99.

While you can choose superior antivirus than Bitdefender but you will still have some performance issues nonetheless.

The best feature about Bitdefender antivirus is the promptness in going Autopilot mode as soon as you install it.

The auto-pilot feature controls all the security-related decisions automatically without any 2nd person’s pattern, this way you won’t get a plethora of notifications that might be confusing and disturbing as well.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 scan the maximum type of vulnerabilities in your gaming PC including the outdated software info, missing window updates, and other password related tasks or VPN based controls which in case someone else uses the PC.

Rarely, there is an antivirus with such extra features, Bitdefender price also depends on the coverage you want for a maximum of 10 devices.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

The best heavyweight antivirus in 2020, Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides a heavy and extended security system in an online world.

The latest updates on the Kaspersky security system allow users to download the dense version of this package while paying only $10.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus comes with a bundle of features, like a file shredder which overwrites the deleted files.

None of the gamers will be able to restore these files with the feature of encrypted folders to keep the sensitive files from other’s eyes.

You can also find the password syncing amongst multiple devices with PC clean up tools comes handy.

According to several hackers, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program is best in terms of identifying and blocking malware which will put fewer burdens on gaming PC performance.

The Pup protection could be better according to some users; these potentially unwanted programs can be annoying at times. The safe mode with this program can be helpful in this regard, the overall user experience with Kaspersky.

antivirus is easy, smooth and with much of interruptions.
Kaspersky antivirus runs very fast with the default setting with most users, some users, on the other hand, seeks full control for which there are multiple submenus available.

One thing fine about Kaspersky that its submenus have submenus, this can be explained by going under antivirus menu setting “file scanning” option which has further 3 settings available i.e. low, medium or high.

You can also go further for Advanced Settings for more options. You have to dig deeper and its find easy to find these submenus at first.

McAfee Gamer Security

When you type the best antivirus for gamers, it shows McAfee Gamer Security right on the top and this is because of various reasons.

McAfee has always been the finest and admirable name in the AV programs world. In the early 2000s, the antivirus came built-in with many PC and the latest updates say it is available for gaming.

For performance enhancement, McAfee streamlines the processes that prevent the security-related pops up. You can consider yourself play any online game without hesitation and annoying pop-ups.

The antivirus works very smartly in your gaming Pc, it knows when you are in the game so it stops other running background apps.

For McAfee, gaming is of top priority in which every notification is muted and there will be no interruptions between your gaming fun.

To stay away from the hackers and bad online gamers, the McAfee Gamer security does numerous tricks so you could spend hours of gaming without being hacked.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

Gamers who want a lightweight antivirus, Webroot launched the SecureAnywhere many years ago that was stored in the cloud. It created a heap of hype when people heard the Webroot AV system install in under 10 seconds.

In terms of RAM or storage, it didn’t do many tricks but simultaneously provided gamers much bigger security suits because of which it is considered the safe house for many PC gamers.

This is why it is the best lightweight antivirus for PC gaming, you will only need a few megabytes of disk space. When Webroot AV is idle, it takes about 5MB of RAM even when it is scanning you can see on the Task Manager it is only taking around 50MB of RAM.

In combination with other Antivirus, it consumes half of the CPU utilization. Granted the antivirus takes about some time to scan 150GB of data available across two SSD’s.

Webroot is the prime name that made SecureAnywhere for gamers only. It is different from the regular version of PC antivirus which has a feature of System Optimizer Tool.

The tool with identifying the devices and the running OS’s to detect if there are any system issues, SecureAnywhere also wipe the traces of online sessions and makes it nearly impossible for deleted files to be recovered.

While running, it provides a smooth user experience without the updates about the games popping in the front.
Price: $19.99/Year

Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

Choosing antivirus for PC gaming is never the same; sometimes it is required for a full-bodied with lots of sugar and cream.

But at times, it is only needed a small chunk or particular setting option for the PC holistic performance enhancement.

Avira is like the Bitdefender but in terms of options, Avira is way better and it is mentioned right below.

Choosing Avira AV comes with lots of different customization options. If it’s about going with the menus that is fine, but when you start using Avira you will find a vast shell of options.

One of the fine modes about Avira is you can enable the rootkit before available scanning option, it will increase the scan running time but to take rootkits down which are penetrated deep inside the OS, the best way is to give it some time.

The aggressiveness in Avira AV scans can also be altered, from zero-day, too much closer analysis, you can set it to the medium detection which is given in the default.

The high puts option of Avira let is perform with extra cautions but at the risk of reporting false positives.

Putting it on low has the opposite effect, or you can turn off heuristic analysis altogether, an option we don’t advise.

Avira Scan Engine may not be the fastest, but it breaks all the time record when it comes to testing labs, including AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, and Virus Bulletin.

The free version of Avira Antivirus does not come with the Gaming Mode. There is no money tag on Avira but its payment is paid in a form of ads.

Comparing it now with the Bitdefender which has benefited over Avira in this realm, the Bitdefender doesn’t use ads or annoy users with pop-ups. While gaming, Avira Antivirus for windows pause the scanning and there aren’t many options available apart from on and off switches.

Summary for Best Antivirus for PC Gaming

The best antivirus for PC gaming collection mentioned above offers under very cheap price range with an updated option.

Consider buying Kaspersky for it worth every single penny or if you are more into lightweight antivirus for gaming PC, then go with Bitdefender or Webroot SecureAnywhere.